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About SWX

Question:  What is your service area?

Answer: The United States and Canada

Question: On what criteria are your customers selected?

Answer: Customers are chosen with one idea in mind: Our services are only as good as our partners standing together as a TEAM! For that reason SWX scrutinizes company drivers and carriers based on on-time percentage (96% or better), claims (2% or less), commitment to technology and quality personnel.

Question: How can SWX Logistics save my company money?

Answer: SWX uses the principles of backhauls and freight consolidation to help your company offset the necessary burden of transportation costs. Along with a core Carrier Program and Leveraged Purchase Power.

Question: Do you own your own equipment?

Answer: Yes. SWX Logistics is partnered with it's sister company State-Wide Express, Inc. to provide equipment and services for our clients.

Question: Are you a broker?

Answer: Yes. We do broker trucks for many of our customers. In fact we provide so many different kinds of service it is hard to sum it up in one word. You might say we are transportation experts.