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This state-of-the-art system allows us to quickly diagnose engine and related performance problems with most any make or model truck on the market today.  This diagnostic system provides accurate information, making repairs quick and economical. With the heavy-duty truck industry manufacturing more computer aided componentry, the “ProLink” system is a valuable tool in today’s world of service repairs.  At Statewide Truck Service & Repair, we have trained technicians who are well versed on the “ProLink” system.

Established in 1987 Statewide Express, Inc. has been providing a wide variety of services to businesses in the greater Cleveland area and throughout the state of Ohio. We employee qualified trained technicians to perform pm services to minor engine repairs from one ton to class eight vehicles and can provide emergency road service and towing. Managing our shop is Rick Bowman with thirty five years of experience in truck and trailer repair and customer service. Our billing department can provide you with accurate invoices, monthly statements, annual inspection and service reminders to assist your fleet manager. Statewide Truck Service & Repair is committed to customer service and will provide the complete answer to your truck repair needs.